We are a locally owned restaurant bringing a fresh view on good food! Sean Wojtkowski successfully opened Indulgence Pastry Shop & Cafe in 2007 and has now opened another restaurant named Sassy's Burger Shack, that offers burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, chicken wings, tacos, grilled sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soup.
Conveniently located in Toscana Park in Granger, we are serving delicious food, made with all-natural meats, fresh produce being served with fresh french fries and sweet potato fries at a price you will love!
Sassy's is dedicated to providing Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Peanut Free meals. Along with our GF Bread offerings, we serve Honey Wheat Bread, Potato Bread, Whole Wheat Wraps and Potato Hamburger Buns. All our Meat and Fish are Gluten Free. Our French Fries, Fried Onion and Chicken Wings are Gluten Free.
GF = Good Food
For those of you with a sweet tooth - you're in luck! Sassy's will also offer an assortment of cookies, desserts, and cakes from Indulgence Pastry Shop.